Home member login submit articles submission guidelines terms of service contact us faq's category: home - health chordoma treatment,chordoma treatment in india at affordable cost, mumbai delhi chordoma chordoma overview chordomas are locally invasive tumors that arise from the remnant of the primitive notochord. They occur most commonly in the skull base (clivus) and lower spine; approximately 40% of chordomas and chondrosarcomas arise in the clivus. Chordomas are often considered a benign tumor because of their slow growth. However, some chordomas behave aggressively and have more malignant characteristics with extensive invasiveness including a small subset of patients (~10%) that develop metastases to distant sites beyond their site of origin. Types of chordoma there are three histological subtypes of chordoma: conventional (sometimes called classic), chondroid, and dedifferentiated. Chondroid chordomas tend to be less aggressive than conventional chordomas, while dedifferentiated chordomas are more aggressive, faster growing and more likely to metastasize. Chordomas are often confused with or misdiagnosed as chondrosarcomas, and vice versa. [3] both types of tumor can occur in the same locations and often look similar under a microscope. Generally, chondrosarcomas tend to be more responsive to radiation and have a better prognosis. [3] therefore before proceeding with treatment, it is important to get multiple opinions on the pathological diagnosis from experienced pathologists who routinely see both types of tumors. Symptoms most patients with a clival chordoma develop headaches and double vision. Less common symptoms include visual loss, hearing loss, difficulty swallowing, facial numbness, in-coordination and motor weakness. Diagnosis these skull base tumors are best diagnosed by mri and ct scans which will clearly show the extent of tumor and bony destruction. Focused mris of the pituitary region, sinuses, temporal bones or internal auditory canals may be indicated to obtain better anatomical detail of a chordoma. buy generic viagra viagra for sale cheap generic viagra viagra for sale viagra without a doctor prescription buy viagra cheap viagra viagra for sale http://floridalighttacklecharters.com/thq-where-can-i-buy-non-prescription-viagra-rx/ generic viagra Other tests may also be needed prior to surgery such as angiography (typically now performed as a ct angiogram or an mr angiogram), visual field tests, an audiogram or hormonal tests. Several different scans are done to locate the tumor. Two of the most common are the computed tomography (ct or cat) scan and magnetic resonance imaging (mri). A ct scan uses x-ray images taken from many angles and computer reconstruction to show parts of the body in cross section. This helps to locate and estimate the size the tumor, and provides inf.





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